I Wish I Could Go Back To College (Blogisode Six)

I Wish I Could Go Back To College (Blogisode Six)

Good Morning and happy Thursday!  I am writing you, as I usually am, in Beatrix's pitch black bedroom as she falls asleep.  She is informing me that she is not tired, but I am here to tell you (from night after night experience) that she will be asleep in 5 minutes.  I just told her she didn't have to go to sleep, but she had to keep her head on the pillow.  Let's clock it.  Go.

There is a reason why Beatrix (and my whole family) is especially tired tonight (I was just hit by a pillow, by the way) and that is because of...

...a truck pouring asphalt? You are correct.  Please note the time, 2:10am.  Can you tell from the bad fire escape middle of the night picture that they have hardly paved anything?  They were at it until the wee hours of the morning.  I UNDERSTAND that I am supposed to be UNDERSTANDING about them shutting down a major street in the middle of the night because they don't want to clog up traffic during the day.  But.  They woke up both of my kids in the middle of the night, and they are at it again tonight (they start at 9pm), so my gloves are off.

I don't know what that means, "my gloves are off" although I'd like to think that I'd go down there and get all Shirley Maclaine on them (The Terms of Endearment crazy hospital scene is my go-to crazy mother for all medical and non-medical protective mother moments.)  By the way, there is snoring from the Beaz, but the cat just showed up and now is walking all over the bed and trying to snuggle under the covers by Beazer's head.  Don't mess with me, cat.  I'm looking for a fight.

Here's something cute and light.  Very non-ranting about road construction.  Beatrix put a "costume" on a lamp as we were decorating for Halloween:

Yes, a kitchen towel over a lamp and probably a fire hazard, but isn't it cute?  Beatrix Meffe is already craftier than her mother.  She's the up and coming preschool Martha Stewart.  Okay, wait, since we are on this crafty kick, I have to show you some pictures she drew at preschool today.  I am aware that I am full-on geeking out with my kid today (like that is new) but this is funny.  Hold on and I'll get it.  Okay, I'm back.  Now I'm in the living room and Rob is back from playing Newsies out at Papermill and he is working on some orchestrations (that's for you, Laura J.)

Allow me to explain the art.  I have a series of drawings, and I think they are my favorite art work ever to grace the planet.  The reason is not because I treasure every scrap my kids scribble on, but because Rob Meffe appears to be Beatrix's muse, as he is always the subject of every drawing.  I'll show you.

This is the first one in the series.  It's called, "This is Daddy and he's a little mad."

Right?  Ugh.  It hurts, I LOVE it so much.  When I asked her why he was a little mad, she said with a coy finger on her chin, "Hmmm, because of the potty."  Explanation.  She had just peed on the couch.  Notice the George Seurat pointillism details--do you see the little dots on his chin?  I think those are stubble.  Rob says it's a cleft in his chin.  You decide.

Next in the series, we have "Daddy's a little happy."  Please note that Rob's portrait emotions are always qualified with the word "little.  A little mad.  A little happy.  Here is "Daddy's a little happy."

Okay, she has clearly evolved.  She has added hair, which she calls, "Daddy's spiky hair" and her eye shape is coming along.  But look at the chin.  Stubble?  I think not.  A cleft?  Possibly. Or a goatee (which he doesn't have).

Today's addition to the series comes in a kind of art known as "repetitive art" (I made that up, but then I Googled it and it's a real thing--which is a fluke.)  It is, as of yet, untitled.So as you can see, we have multiple Rob's, happiest yet, with slightly longer spiky hair and still the trademark dot on the chin.  But we have a new player.  Who is she?  All I can do is wait and ask tomorrow when she wakes up--or in 10 minutes when the ^&($@$#@ trucks outside wake her up, but for now it is a mystery.  We'll call her Mona Lisa, because she seems a little happy.  Maybe she goes pee pee in the potty.  I'll keep you posted.  Consider it today's cliffhanger.  Who are these girls?

For now, I need to take a quick break in our normally scheduled programming and ask if you'd be willing to take a short poll.  Change is afoot here at My Own Space and I want to make your experience on this blog as easy and as entertaining as possible.  In a perfect world, I will also be able to afford to continue to devote this much time of my day to a project I love so much.  So, we have to shake things up a bit and try to become a little bit bigger and better.

We'll get back to our college story tomorrow, and I promise a big cliffhanger for the weekend.  Thank you all so, so much.  It is a pleasure to write for you.